We believe that people who change the world are often inspired by their teachers.


Our goal is to improve the ‘sustainability’ of teaching, by making sure we enhance and protect its future. At Time 2 Teach, we want to help teachers work sustainably, and inspire and lead a movement in education where exceptional design makes curriculums efficient and safe—where intended learning is the rule, not the exception. Our first commercial release, One Curriculum, is being developed for this purpose. We’re building and we’re looking for schools to join us.

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I want it to be easier for teachers. Our education-planet needs them. I’m dreaming up ways to rewire the systems we’ve paid a lot to develop, that are scalable for any curriculum.

Peter Williams
Director & Founder

Peter has been writing curriculums and textbooks for more than 40 years. Now he and his team are focusing on what teachers do first and designing systems that automate (needlessly) arduous tasks like planning so that teachers can focus on progress. His goal is to cut down the volume of stuff that teachers wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be doing.

One Curriculum

Get real-time insights into curriculum delivery, syllabus compliance, learning progress (and unfinished learning)—in ONE easy-to-use dashboard. Designed by educators, for teachers, coordinators and school leaders.

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